The good dressing salad

The good dressing salad

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Have you ever wondered how healthy is the dressing you put on your salad? Well, if you are using the regular ones from your local supermarket, they’re probably not so healthy.

They usually contain too much sodium, added sugar, fake flavors, artificial color and enhancers among others ingredients, and you don’t want to have all this undesirable ingredients in your salad, because what would be the point of eating it then?.

Most supermarkets carry a large number of brands that will offer you a wide variety of low calories salad dressings, they are supposed to be healthier that the regular ones, but they will never be as healthy as the ones you can make at home with very simple ingredients.

After reading and trying several salad dressing recipes, and with the help of (my sister Lety who’s also a Baker and a culinary genius), I came out with a little list of very healthy salad dressing recipes, and I would love to share two of my favorite ones with you.

The first one its made with 100% virgin olive oil, and the second one its made with 0% fat natural yogurt.

I choose them because they are very different from each other, they are both great options and goes perfect with most salad, they are also great on seafood!

I hope you give them a try because your dressing should be as healthy as your salad.

Below you’ll find photos of the salad dressings and their ingredientes.








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