Healthy Juices

Healthy Juices

I believe that wellness starts from within, and what could be best to be well than adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. I remember when I was I little girl, I use to hate veggies, I would pick them all right out of my plate every time my mom gave them to me, does this sound familiar to you…? As I was growing up, I started to eat them a little more until I finally liked them. Now as an adult I understand the importance of eating fruit and vegetables, and all the amazing benefits they provide to my body, and the incredible quantity of vitamins we’re missing out when we don’t eat them.

In the last few years I have been adding new veggies to my diet, but I’m not going to lie, I don’t feel like eating them all the time, and some times I either run out of recipes or I get bored with the ones that I know how to make, so one of my sisters gave me the idea to start making my own non sugar added fruit and veggies juices. she gave me a few recipes and I like them so much that I started looking up for more ways to mix up this fabulous earthy and healthy stuff, now every time that I don’t feel like eating or cooking vegetable I make one of favorite juices to accompany my meal, and I don’t miss out the opportunity of getting the Vitamins and healthy properties that my favorites and not that favorites fruits and veggies have to keep me going through the day.

So if you kind of eat  or don’t eat them at all, I encourage you to try this effective yet delicious way to eat them.

Now I will share a picture of my 3 favorite ones and their ingredients I hope you like them and give them a try!


Red Juice


1 Carrot
1 Beetroot
1 Lemon
1 Inch ginger root
1 Apple


Orange Juice


The juice of two oranges
Half of lemon
1 Carrot
1 Rib of celery
Water or add more orange juice


Green Juice


1 Pear
1 Apple
1 Handful spinach
Half of lemon
1 Cucumber
1 Rib of celery
Water or 100% apple juice no sugar added




  • Jenny Marie / 23 January 2015 11:09

    The red juice looks great! Can’t wait to try it out this weekend! :)

  • daisyperson blog / 24 January 2015 12:42

    Love your photography and the recipes look great! I wish I had a juicer!

  • Leanne Winters / 24 January 2015 8:45

    Lovely and a nice healthy inspirational post! I dont know if i would every drink veggies though x


  • V / 27 January 2015 1:02

    YES! This is awesome. I just bought a Magic Bullet and started making juices for myself daily. I have been looking for some new recipes and I’m so glad I found this post. Can’t wait to try them out. The juices help balance out my sweet tooth!

    Your photography is just beautiful.


  • leticia costly / 28 January 2015 3:00

    Ya probé el green juice los beneficios son maravillosos te felicito por compartir cosas tan sanas me gustaría que publicara algunos tipo de ensaladas también ,gracias nya

  • Carla / 30 January 2015 4:09

    Great post Kenya.
    Love the combination of the ingridients :)

    Xoxo, Carla.

  • enik / 2 February 2015 6:34

    yummy !:D i have to try :D


    anna from http://stylelovely.com/mimundonormal/

  • Sasha / 18 February 2015 3:26

    I love the twist on orange juice! Definitely will have to try these recipes out. I’ve been making fruit smoothies with açai and chia seeds in them but I will definitely have to try these juices as well!


    • kenya / 22 February 2015 8:56

      I have never tried smoothies with seeds, it sounds good to me since i love seeds i will definitely try it out!!

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