Clothing Rack

Clothing Rack



Winter time has arrived, so is the time to get your heavy jackets out from wherever place you keep them during warm weather. I just moved into a smaller apartment, it doesn’t have too much space or closets as the one where I used to live did. So, I found myself needing a place where I could keep my winter jackets out during this cold season, without sacrificing the space in my closet where a hang my regular clothes. I thought about buying an extra closet, but that would have taken too much space and would have made my apartment look smaller.

So, I decided to make my own and unique clothing rack, with things I had at home, like wooden crates and a piece of pine wood and a few other stuff that I had to buy. I think it came out pretty nice, it gives me enough space to hang all of my coats and jackets, without taking too much space, plus it gives to my apartment a rustic vintage  touch of decoration which I personally love.

If you are in the same situation I was, or you just like this clothing rack and would like to try to make one for yourself, below you will find a list of materials I  used and a few pictures of them.


Clothing rack list of material.

5 copper pipes with the following measurements:

1- 22mm     50cm
1- 22mm     145cm
1- 18mm      75cm
1- 18mm      30cm
1- 18mm      7cm
2- 90 degrees elbow  22mm CxC
2- 90 degrees elbow  18mm CxFTG
4- 45 degrees elbow  18mm CxFTG
6- reducing couplers   22mm   18mm
4- regular tees 22mm CxCxC
2- regular caps C 22mm and two 18mm
1- piece of pine wood 100 x 60cm
2- apple wooden crates
2- spray paint black color 200ml
1- varnish can color of your preference 750ml
4- swiveling caster  wheels size of your preference.

Take this as a challenge and have fun building it up!

collage clothing rack



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